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Analysis of Production Principle of Glass Fiber Chopped Strand Mat (Two)

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Analysis of Production Principle of Glass Fiber Chopped Strand Mat (Two)

Sep 16,2022

In the previous article, the first four parts of the production principle of chopped strand mat were introduced. Today, let's learn about the rest of the content.

Five, the factory production has the following parts:

1. Fiber creel

2. Short cutting process

3. Forming section

4. Adhesive Application System

5. Drying box

6. Cold pressing section

7. Trimming and Rewinding

strand mat 5

Six. Creel area

Rotate the cake wire rack to place the appropriate number of frames on the drum rack. Frame these creels for fiber cakes are un-air, the creel area should be in an air-conditioned room with a realistic humidity of 82-90%

Seven, chopped equipment

The yarn is drawn from the yarn cake, and several strands of yarn pass through each cutter.

Eight. Forming Department

The chopped strand mat is formed by the settling of chopped strands at equal distances in the forming chamber. Each device is equipped with a variable speed motor. The cutting device is independently controlled to allow even distribution of the fibers.

At the same time, the part below the mesh belt absorbs the yarn on the mesh belt. The exhausted air goes through the purifier.


Nine, glass fiber chopped strand mat layup thickness

Glass fiber chopped strand mat is involved in most glass fiber reinforced plastic products. According to different products and processes, the amount and method of chopped strand mat are also different, and the layer thickness is also different according to the process required for the product!

For example, in a glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower, the first layer is gel coat and the second layer is a layer of thin felt or 02 cloth, and 6-8 layers of 04 cloth are laid in the middle, and a layer of thin felt is laid on the surface to cover the joint of the inner cloth. This product uses only 2 layers of thin felt in total. Another example is the manufacture of car ceilings. Generally, woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics, pp plastics, chopped strand mat thin felts, sponges, etc. are combined together to lay layers. In the production process of this product, only 2 layers of thin felt are usually used. Honda car roof production is not the case. Therefore, the amount of chopped strand mat used in FRP is determined according to the process. Some processes do not need to use chopped strand mat, and some use chopped strand mat.


If 1 ton of FRP is made of chopped strand mat and resin, the weight of chopped strand mat accounts for about 30% of the total weight, which is 300Kg. In other words, the resin content is 70%.

The amount of chopped strand mat used in the same process is also determined according to the design of the layup. The layup design is determined according to the mechanical requirements of the product, the shape of the product, and the external surface requirements.


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