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let's talk about the family of glass fiber mat

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 let's talk about the family of glass fiber mat

Sep 22,2022

Glass fiber mat is a sheet-like product made of continuous strands or chopped strands that are not oriented by chemical binders or mechanical action.

1. Glass fiber needle-punched composite felt

Fiberglass needle-punched felt is widely used in carbon black, steel, non-ferrous metals, chemical industry, incineration and other industries. In China, industrial filter material is the main application field of glass fiber needle felt.

Glass fiber needled felt is used for interior decoration, sound absorption, heat insulation, shock absorption, and flame retardancy. Roof and door gaskets, bonnet (adhered to the inside), engine and compartment partitions, trunk gaskets.

Using the heat preservation and heat insulation effects of the microporosity of the needled felt, it can be used for heat preservation and heat insulation of various heating elements in pipelines. Using the filtering and sound-absorbing effects of needle-punched felt, it can be used in noise-reducing dust collectors for general gasoline engines of automobiles and motorcycles.

Fiberglass needled felt can also be used for geotextiles, insulating materials, etc.

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2. Glass fiber continuous strand mat

The glass fiber continuous strand mat is made of continuous glass fiber strands as the main raw material. Compatible with oxygen, phenolic and polyurethane resins. Products can be used in resin transfer molding (RTM) vacuum forming and pultrusion processes, such as automotive headliners, and insulating materials for transformers.

3. Glass fiber chopped strand mat

The glass fiber chopped strand mat is made of glass fiber chopped strands bonded by powder or emulsion binder. Chopped strand mat is mainly used for processing and making government steel products through hand lay-up process, winding process and compression molding process. Typical products include plumbing fixtures, plumbing, building materials, automobiles, furniture, cooling towers and other FRP products.


4. Glass fiber surface felt

Fiberglass surface mat is mainly used for

The surface layer of FRP products has the characteristics of uniform fiber dispersion, soft texture, good fiber surface smoothness, low glue content, fast resin penetration and good moldability. The product can improve the surface corrosion resistance, pressure resistance and leakage resistance of products, and has the advantages of long service life. In addition, the product is also suitable for injection, molding and other FRP forming techniques.

5. Fiberglass Roofing Felt

Roof felt is a good base for making SBS, APP modified bitumen waterproofing membrane and colored bitumen fiberglass shingles, and is free from longitudinal reinforcement of the entire felt, which fully improves the longitudinal tensile strength and tear strength of the felt. The linoleum made of roofing series felt as the base material can overcome the shortcomings of high temperature flow, low temperature embrittlement, easy aging, etc., so that the linoleum has excellent weather resistance, enhanced anti-leakage, and prolongs its service life, so it is used for roofing. Ideal substrate for materials such as linoleum. At the same time, RGM series felt can also be used as the backing material of house insulation.


6. Glass fiber stitched chopped strand mat

Stitch-bonded chopped strand mat is suitable for unsaturated polyester resin, vinyl resin, phenolic resin and epoxy resin. This product is widely used in pultrusion molding process, hand lay-up molding process and resin transfer molding compound process. The main end products are: FRP hulls, plates, extruded profiles and pipeline linings. The stitch-bonded chopped strand mat is a mat made of glass fiber untwisted roving that is chopped into a certain length and then laid uniformly without orientation, and then stitched with a coil structure.


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