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The strongest carbon fiber book(二)

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Oct 17,2022

The first "blind date" of carbon fiber and laptop occurred in 1998. The beginning was better, but the ending was not perfect. For the first time, the IBM600 series of laptop using carbon fiber was sold in the world. The popular shell material is ABS engineering plastics. In contrast, the molding process of carbon fiber shell is more difficult, and it is not popular among other brands. Only Apple and IBM use this material. In terms of physical attributes, carbon fiber than aluminum -magnesium is aluminum -magnesium. The alloy is doubled, and the heat dissipation effect is excellent. What is talked about by this friend is that the carbon fiber shell applied above the 600 series is quite good. The palm support and the shell are as comfortable as human skin, and it is very convenient to scrub. Can be easily wiped off. However, carbon fiber and laptop, the small two, usually make a small "friction". Carbon fiber has a certain conductivity. Once the ground is not good, there will be a slight leakage. Therefore The layer, the coloring process of the broken fiber is also very complicated, so the IBM laptop is mostly black.

carbon cloth1

Carbon fiber in laptop computers

Back to our theme, what is the application of carbon fiber material on laptop computers? Is it really so amazing? We might as well review the application process of carbon fiber on the laptop, and then reveal its magic.


carbon cloth

The lightest carbon fiber book

The story of the broken fiber and laptop has continued with the support of Sony. In 2003, Sony released two laptops PCG -X505/P and PCG -XSOS/SP with carbon fiber as the shell. It is above the weight. The difference in weight is different from the different carbon fiber materials: PCG -X505/P uses "nickel -enhanced carbon materials", which can achieve the same strength and weight as magnesium alloy: PCG -X505/SP uses "carbon fiber stratum plate plate plate plate plate plate ", Can show the feeling of drawing under the smooth surface layer. Sony's above official information is unknown."


Nickel -enhanced carbon material "is actually a hard and ductive nickel alloy mixed in the carbon fiber:" carbon fiber accumulation "Layer" "The transparent resin panel is attached to the carbon fiber surface. According to the brushed shape, we can determine that the carbon sinensis is not woven together, so that the arrangement of the arranged panel is worse than the former. At present, the lighter laptop, a Sony VA [O X series, uses a new generation of composite carbon fiber panels. MM thick Guili screen can make the entire upper cover extremely light. However, carbon fiber does not mean that there is nothing to be urged. The possibility of the combination of A side when the carbon fiber layer can only be encountered when it is impacted by a sharp object, and it does not guarantee that the shell does not deform.

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