Application of glass fiber chopped strand mat in hand lay-up glass fiber reinforced plastic
Glass fiber chopped strand mat is usually used in hand lay-up technology, which is a main glass fiber non-woven reinforcing material. glued together. Sheets of material are placed in molds and brushed with resin. Because the binder dissolves in the resin, the material tends to wet out when conforming to different shapes. After the resin has cured, the hardened product can be removed from the mold as a finished product. The glass chopped strand mat gives the glass fibers isotropic material properties. Glass fiber chopped strand mat is the most basic guarantee for Fangzhen FRP high-quality products.
glass fibre mat types:
1. Needle-punched felt, 2. Continuous strand felt, 3. Chopped strand felt, 4. Stitched felt, 5. Surface felt
glass fiber mat performance:
1. The closely interwoven points of each pair of fabrics of the chopped strand mat are easy to absorb resin, and the resin content of FRP products is large, so that the products have good sealing performance, no leakage, water resistance and corrosion resistance of other media. It also improves the appearance quality.