Analysis of Production Principle of Glass Fiber Chopped Strand Mat (Two)
In the previous article, the first four parts of the production principle of chopped strand mat were introduced. Today, let's learn about the rest of the content.
Five, the factory production has the following parts:
1. Fiber creel
2. Short cutting process
3. Forming section
4. Adhesive Application System
5. Drying box
6. Cold pressing section
7. Trimming and Rewinding
Six. Creel area
Rotate the cake wire rack to place the appropriate number of frames on the drum rack. Frame these creels for fiber cakes are un-air, the creel area should be in an air-conditioned room with a realistic humidity of 82-90%
Seven, chopped equipment The yarn is drawn from the yarn cake, and several strands of yarn pass through each cutter.chop mat fiberglass