Glass fiber chopped strands have a wide range of applications
Aug 30,2022
We know that the application fields of fiberglass chopped strands are very extensive. Today we will introduce the application of glass fiber strands composites in the aerospace, aerospace and defense industries:
We know that the e glass chopped strands composite material is one of the key materials in the aviation, aerospace and defense industries. Western developed countries impose strict restrictions on our country, which can only be solved through independent innovation. The "Outline of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development" proposed to reduce energy consumption per unit of GDP by about 20%, reduce water consumption per unit of industrial added value by 30%, vigorously develop renewable energy, build 30 100,000 Large-scale wind power projects above the kilowatt level, speed up railway transportation, build a new railway line of 17,000 km, strengthen water pollution prevention and control, by 2010, the urban sewage treatment rate will not be lower than 70%, and implement the grand blueprint of strengthening the army through science and technology. The application in the fields of energy saving, water saving, water treatment, wind power, environmental protection, transportation and other fields shows a huge market space that is foreseeable.