The industry concentration of glass fiber chopped strands will further increase
Aug 30,2022
As a new type of material with superior performance and strong substitution, e glass fibre chopped strands are suitable for many fields in the national economy. Although my country is the largest country in glass fiber production, a large part of it is used for export, and the downstream application field of domestic glass fiber still needs to be further developed. Statistics show that the annual consumption of glass fiber per capita in developed countries such as the United States and Japan reaches 4.5 kilograms, while the annual consumption of glass fiber per capita in my country is only 0.6 kilograms. In the future, the domestic market has great potential for improvement.
The construction investment of glass fiber strands kiln production kiln is large, and the industry is capital-intensive, technology-intensive, and labor-intensive, with high industry barriers. In order to curb the low-level repetitive construction and blind expansion of the glass fiber industry and promote the upgrading of the industrial structure, the "Access Conditions for the Glass Fiber Industry", which was implemented by the state on February 1, 2007, has a Consumption, environmental protection and other aspects have put forward clear requirements, which has raised the entry threshold of the glass fiber industry. In the future, with the acquisition and merger of domestic glass fiber production enterprises, the industry concentration will further increase.