The use of glass fiber chopped strands
Aug 26,2022
The current material market is very large, and there are many materials in it, and with the development of society, the types of materials are gradually increasing. Glass fiber chopped strands are a new type of material. Since this material was developed It has been widely used since it came out, and it has many uses. Today's article mainly introduces the use of fibreglass strands. Let's find out together.
1. The glass rope has strong load-bearing capacity: a glass rope twisted from fibreglass chopped strands, a glass rope as thick as a finger can lift a truck full of goods. Since the glass rope is not afraid of seawater corrosion and will not rust, it is very suitable for use as a ship cable and a crane sling. Although the rope made of synthetic fiber is strong, it will melt under high temperature, while the glass rope is not afraid, so the ambulanceman is particularly safe to use the glass rope.