Excellent properties and uses of fiberglass chopped strands
Aug 12,2022
e glass chopped strands is a glass fiber that is made of raw filaments drawn with a special sizing agent and chopped online by a wet method. It has excellent properties that other glass fibers cannot match, and has an extremely wide range of applications.
The excellent properties of chopped glass fiber are mainly reflected in:
1. The chopped strands have good bundle properties and low dander content.
2. Excellent dry fluidity is very beneficial for continuous feeding, and the distribution of fiber glass strands in the product is very uniform.
3. Excellent wet dispersibility and fluidity, easy to be impregnated by trees.
4. Combustible content: ≤0.2%
5. fiber chopped strands Short cut length: 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 12mm, 25mm