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What is the advantage of fiberglass chopped strands?

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Oct 06,2022

1. The advantage of using glass fiber short -cutting is that the length of the fiber is high, the fiber is high, the diameter of the single silk is consistent, and the fiber has a good liquidity before it is decentralized. Because it is inorganic, it does not generate electrostatic. High temperature resistance, the tensile force in the product is consistent, can form a three -dimensional three -dimensional mesh structure, so that the product has a good waywardness and anti -Zhang surname. The impact strength is high. Therefore, the tensile strength of the product is consistent.

fiberglass chopped strands for Cement

The glass fiber fine powder cannot be achieved, because it is a crushing process, the length of the fiber cannot be guaranteed, there are long and short, and powder, because it is anecdered, there are many impurities, the diameter of the single silk is not guaranteed, the fiber is thick and rough and there are rough and thick fiber. Fine, so after adding the product, the intensity cannot be guaranteed. The strength value of each corner is different, and it is easy to get staggered.


Second, the fiberglass chopped strands is the best quality. Most of the glass fiber known to people know is the silk made of glass fragments and waste bottle. This silk is the most common glass fiber. Building materials and low -value products, high -end glass fibers are made of high -pure quartz sand, and good products must be added with high -end special glass fiber silk, so the modification of the glass fiber to form a formal symptom is improved to improve Its craftsmanship and compatibility, which is where people do not know its technological content, that is, after the glass fiber is modified, it is divided into many varieties according to the needs of the product. What kind of modified glass fiber is added to the fundamental reason why people do not understand glass fiber.


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