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fiberglass chopped strands are closely related to construction

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Nov 15,2022

Glass fiber chopped strands are mainly used in cement components, concrete and other cement products. It can be dispersed into single fibers when stirred in water, and can also be directly mixed with cement concrete and mortar.

fiberglass chopped strands for Cement

Compared with glass wool, rock wool, polystyrene board and sponge commonly used in the market, the application of glass fiber chopped strands has high temperature resistance (700 degrees), high density (150kg/m3), small footprint, durable fire resistance, No pollution. It is also suitable for thermal insulation and thermal insulation of electrical appliances (interlayer thermal insulation of induction cooker, thermal insulation of water dispenser inner tank, thermal insulation of electric baking pan) and other thermal insulation and thermal insulation occasions.


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