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The use of alkali-free glass fiber chopped strands

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The use of alkali-free glass fiber chopped strands

Sep 1,2022

Glass fiber chopped strands are made of glass fiber strands drawn with a special sizing agent and chopped online by wet method. Glass fiber chopped strands are added to concrete to prevent the occurrence and expansion of cracks. Improve the impermeability of concrete. Improve the freeze-thaw resistance of concrete. Improve concrete impact resistance and toughness. Improve concrete durability.

for Cement、Concrete3

The glass fiber chopped strands are added to cement, gypsum board, glass fiber reinforced plastic, composite materials, electrical appliances and other products or construction projects to play the role of reinforcement, crack resistance, wear resistance, and firmness. Adding glass fiber chopped strands to reservoirs, roof slabs, swimming pools, septic tanks, and sewage treatment tanks can increase the service life.


The use of glass fiber chopped strands:

1) Glass fiber chopped strands are mainly used to strengthen thermoplastics. Because of its good cost performance, it is especially suitable for compounding with resin as a reinforcement material for automobile, train and ship shells. It is used for high temperature resistant needle-punched felt, automobile sound-absorbing sheet, hot-rolled steel, etc. Its products are widely used in automobile, construction, aviation daily necessities and other fields. Typical products include auto parts, electronic and electrical products, and mechanical products.

2) Glass fiber chopped strands can also be used to strengthen the inorganic fibers with excellent anti-seepage and crack resistance in mortar concrete. High temperature stability, low temperature crack resistance and fatigue resistance, and prolong the service life of road surfaces.


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