Glass fiber chopped strands are mainly used to reinforce thermoplastics
Aug 18,2022
Due to its good cost performance, e glass pp chopped strands is especially suitable for compounding with resins as reinforcement materials for car, train, and ship shells: used for high-temperature resistant blankets, automotive sound-absorbing sheets, hot-rolled steel, etc. Polyethylene chopped strands are widely used in automobile, construction, aviation daily necessities and other fields. Typical products include auto parts, electronic and electrical products, and mechanical products.
It can also be used to strengthen the inorganic fiber with excellent anti-seepage and cracking resistance of mortar concrete. E-glass pa chopped strands is also a competitive product to replace polyester fiber and lignin fiber for strengthening mortar concrete. pp chopped strands can also be used for high-temperature stability, low-temperature cracking and security and prolong the service life of the road surface, etc.
"Engineering Plastic Reinforced* Glass Fiber Chopped Yarn" is introduced in detail
Engineering plastics reinforced* short fiber