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fiberglass chopped strands current demand is currently wide

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Oct 18,2022

According to current statistics, the application scope of the fiberglass chopped strands industry is not very wide, but the development of the market cannot wait for the maturity of technology. Now it is necessary to demand a wide range of demand to supply the market demand. Many people do not know what the glass fiber is short shredded.

fiberglass chopped strands for Cement

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The fiberglass chopped strands with a glass fiber with only 1/10 hair of the hair, and the weight of 1,000 meters long is only 4.6 grams. It can be woven into soft electronic cloth and is widely used in electronic products such as laptops and high -end mobile phones.

It is learned that at present, the finest and highest -end glass fiber in China has been successfully developed by the city's scientists, which will break from the technological monopoly of the United States and Japan in related fields, and it will be expected to make the cost of laptop computers drop by about 20%.


At present, internationally, the field of transportation and construction is the main consumer market of glass fiber products, and the two account for nearly 70%of the decline in the glass fiber; while my country's glass fiber products have a wide range of markets, including construction, electronics, electrical, transportation, and pipelines. Tibet (anticorrosive), industrial applications, etc.

Among them, the construction and electronics and electrical fields accounted for a large area, accounting for about 55%of the downstream markets of my country's glass fiber products. Electronic glass fiber is extracted from silicon dioxide contained in gravel, as the core raw material of electronic products, is made into various basic components, which is widely used in mobile phones, computers, TVs, and even precision in the field of aerospace fields. On the instrument.

The fiberglass chopped strands is rapidly widely occupied by my country's domestic construction market, replacing traditional technology, and also driven the development of my country's construction and transportation industry, improve the development of technology, innovate technology, and strive to seize the global market.


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