Wide application of glass fiber chopped strands in concrete
July 13,2022
Glass fiber chopped strands have high fiber length accuracy, high fiber amount, consistent monofilament diameter, and the fibers maintain segmental shape before dispersion and have good fluidity. Because they are inorganic, they do not generate static electricity and have high temperature resistance. In the product The tensile force is consistent, which can form a three-dimensional three-dimensional network structure, so that the product has good willfulness and tensile strength, high impact strength, and the glass fiber chopped are dispersed in the same length in each corner of the product, so the tensile strength of the product is consistent. of. And glass fiber fine powder can't do it, because it is a pulverization process, the length of the fiber can not be guaranteed, there are long and short, and there is powder, because it is scrap, which contains many impurities, the diameter of the monofilament is not guaranteed, and the fiber is thick or thin. Therefore, after adding it to the product, the strength cannot be guaranteed, the strength value of each corner is different, and it is easy to stagger and form a group.