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What are the uses of glass fiber powder

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May 09,2022

Abstract: Glass fiber powder is a product obtained by grinding glass fiber. It is widely used. It is mainly used as a filler material to enhance the strength of resin. It is also widely used in friction materials. Glass fiber powder is also used in the construction industry. The technical requirements of glass fiber powder mainly include certain requirements in terms of alkali metal oxide content, average fiber diameter, average fiber length, moisture content, combustible content, and appearance quality. Let's take a look at the use of glass fiber powder

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1. What is glass fiber powder

Glass fiber powder, also known as glass fiber powder, is a powder obtained by cutting, grinding and sieving specially drawn continuous glass fiber strands. White or off-white.


2. What are the uses of glass fiber powder

The main uses of glass fiber powder are:

1. As a filling material to improve product hardness, compressive strength, reduce product shrinkage, wear scar width, wear, and production cost, it is widely used in various thermosetting resins and thermoplastic resins, such as filled PTFE, increased nylon, reinforced PP, PE, PBT, ABS, reinforced epoxy, reinforced rubber, epoxy floor, thermal insulation coating, etc. Adding a certain amount of glass fiber powder to the resin can significantly enhance various properties of the product, including hardness, crack resistance, It can also improve the stability of the resin binder and reduce the production cost of the product.


2. Glass fiber powder has good wear resistance and is also widely used in friction materials, such as brake pads, polishing wheels, grinding wheel pads, friction pads, wear-resistant pipes, wear-resistant bearings, etc.

3. Glass fiber powder is also used in the construction industry. The main function is to increase the strength. It can be used as the thermal insulation layer of the outer wall of the building, the decoration of the inner wall, the moisture-proof and fire-proof of the inner wall, etc. It can also be used to strengthen the inorganic fiber with excellent anti-seepage and crack resistance of mortar concrete. Substitute polyester fiber, lignin fiber and other products for reinforcing mortar concrete.


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