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Types and uses of fiberglass cloth

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Types and uses of fiberglass cloth

April 21,2022

There are many types of glass fiber cloth, which can be divided into medium-alkali, non-alkali, high-alkali, etc. according to the composition. According to the manufacturing process, it can be divided into crucible wire drawing and pool kiln wire drawing. According to the variety, it can be divided into plied yarn, direct yarn, jet yarn, etc.

Types and uses of fiberglass cloth

fiberglass woven roving

Glass fiber cloth is mainly used in the fields of wall reinforcement, reinforced cement products, waterproof membrane cloth, and skeleton material of rubber products. However, it should be noted that glass fiber cloth is harmful to the human body. Professional protective masks must be worn during production operations to prevent glass fibers from entering the respiratory tract, and be careful not to get on the body. Let's take a look at the types and uses of fiberglass cloth.


一. Types of fiberglass cloth

Fiberglass cloth is a cloth made of glass fiber, and there are many types:

1. According to the composition: mainly medium alkali, non-alkali, high alkali (to classify the composition of alkali metal oxides in glass fiber), of course, there are also classifications by other components, but there are too many varieties, so I will not list them here. List them one by one.

2. According to the manufacturing process: crucible wire drawing and pool kiln wire drawing.

3. According to the variety: there are plied yarn, direct yarn, jet yarn, etc.

It can also be distinguished by the type of single fiber diameter, TEX number, twist, sizing, weave, gram weight, and amplitude.

2. According to the diameter of the monofilament

(1) Crude fiber: The diameter of the monofilament is generally 30um.

(2) Primary fiber: its monofilament diameter is greater than 20um.

(3) Intermediate fiber: monofilament diameter 10-20um.

(4) Advanced fiber: also known as textile fiber, its monofilament diameter is 3-10um. Glass fibers with a monofilament diameter less than 4um are also called ultrafine fibers.

Generally, 5-10um fiber is used for textile products, and 10-14um fiber is generally suitable for roving, non-woven fabric, chopped fiber mat, etc.


二, the use of glass fiber cloth

Fiberglass cloth is mainly used in industry for heat insulation, fire prevention and flame retardant. The specific uses are:

1. On the wall reinforcement (such as glass fiber wall mesh, GRC wallboard, EPS interior and exterior wall insulation boards, gypsum board, etc.).

2. Strengthen cement products (such as Roman columns, flues, etc.).

3. Special mesh for granite and mosaic, and marble back mesh.

4. Waterproofing membrane cloth, asphalt roof waterproofing.

5. The skeleton material of reinforced plastic and rubber products.

6. Fireproof board, grinding wheel base cloth, geogrid for highway pavement.

fiberglasswoven roving

三. Is fiberglass cloth harmful to people?

Glass fiber cloth is made of glass fiber. Generally, the diameter of conventional glass fiber monofilament is more than 9-13 microns, and some of them will be below 6 microns.

 Glass fiber floaters below 6 microns can directly enter the lung duct, and frequent contact can easily cause pneumoconiosis. Therefore, professional protective masks must be worn during production operations.

In addition, if the fiberglass cloth gets on the body, the skin may become allergic, itchy, and pimples, but it is generally not harmful. Just take some anti-allergic medicine.


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