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Excellent properties and uses of fiberglass chopped strands

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Excellent properties and uses of fiberglass chopped strands

Sep 09,2022

Chopped glass fiber is a glass fiber that is made of raw filaments drawn with a special sizing agent and chopped online by a wet method. It has excellent properties that other glass fibers cannot match, and has an extremely wide range of applications.

fiberglass chopped strands for Cement

The excellent properties of chopped glass fiber are mainly reflected in:

1. The strands have good bundle properties and low dander content.

2. Excellent dry fluidity is very beneficial for continuous feeding, and the distribution of glass fibers in the product is very uniform.

3. Excellent wet dispersibility and fluidity, easy to be impregnated by trees.

4. Combustible content: ≤0.2%

5. Short cut length: 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 12mm, 25mm


At present, the most important use of chopped glass fibers is to strengthen thermoplastics. Because of its good cost performance, it is especially suitable for compounding with resins as reinforcement materials for automobile, train and ship shells: used for high temperature resistant needle felt, automobile sound-absorbing sheet, hot-rolled steel, etc. Its products are widely used in automobile, construction, aviation daily necessities and other fields. Typical products include auto parts, electronic and electrical products, and mechanical products.


In addition, chopped strands glass fiber can also be used to strengthen the inorganic fiber with excellent anti-seepage and crack resistance in mortar concrete, and it is also a very competitive product to replace polyester fiber, lignin fiber and other products for strengthening mortar concrete, and can also improve the high temperature of asphalt concrete. Stability, low temperature crack resistance and fatigue resistance and prolong the service life of road surface, etc.


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