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Corresponding to the introduction of different types of glass fiber mat

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Corresponding to the introduction of different types of glass fiber mat

June 15,2022

Glass fiber (original name in English: glass fiber or fiberglass) is an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance. Brittle, poor wear resistance. Glass fibers are usually used as reinforcing materials in composite materials, electrical insulating materials and thermal insulation materials, circuit substrates and other fields of the national economy.

What is fiberglass mat?

Glass fiber mat refers to a non-woven fabric made of glass fiber monofilaments interwoven into a network and cured with a resin binder. Its main characteristics are: smooth surface, good dimensional stability, good uniformity, good thermal strength, and mildew resistance.

strand mat

What is fiberglass mat made of?

Glass fiber mats are generally divided into surface mats, continuous mats and chopped strand mats.

Surface felt: generally used to improve the surface effect and reduce the influence of the cloth pattern on the surface, it is sprayed from fiber strands; continuous felt: the molding method is sprayed with continuous fiber strands; chopped strand mat: formed The method is sprayed with short fiber strands;

What is the difference between surface mat, continuous mat and chopped strand mat?

The surface felt is generally used to improve the surface effect and reduce the influence of the cloth pattern on the surface; the difference between the continuous felt and the chopped strand felt, as the name implies, the forming method is to use short fiber filaments or continuous filaments.


Continuous felt is generally used as a diversion material, and chopped strand felt is used a little in the hand lay-up process to increase the interlayer force and is used less.

How is fiberglass needled felt obtained?

Glass fiber needle-punched felt is a high-grade felt with insulation, heat insulation and fire prevention, noise reduction, air purification and other properties made by cutting glass fiber into a certain length and then through the processes of splitting, velvet, and acupuncture.


What are the characteristics of glass fiber needle felt?

1. Good thermal insulation: According to the physical principle, the thermal conductivity of gas is small, and there are many air pockets inside the excellent thermal insulation material. The glass fiber needle-punched cotton has countless tiny gases, and the fibers are irregularly arranged. It is an excellent thermal insulation material with a thermal conductivity of 0.2 to 0.040kcal/mhr. between c;

2. It will not burn: the main component of glass fiber is silicide (more than 50%), which is non-flammable, non-deformed, non-brittle, and resistant to high temperature up to 7000C;

3. Good sound absorption rate: When the sound wave penetrates into the glass fiber cotton, the period energy will be inhaled in large quantities due to the friction with the fibers and air pockets of different sizes. Generally speaking, the sound absorption rate is as high as 90% or more, which is a good talent to prevent noise interference;

4. High insulation: glass fiber can withstand high temperature, good mechanical properties, and high chemical stability, which is the best insulating material

5. High corrosion resistance: glass fiber is not afraid of strong acid and alkali, and its functional properties will not be reduced for a long time;

6. Good recovery: The glass fiber contains numerous fixed air pockets, and the recovery is excellent. Not afraid of any shock and vibration, the tensile strength is above 1.0kg.

7. Low moisture absorption rate: The moisture absorption rate is usually close to zero.

8. Lightweight and soft: Compared with other thermal insulation materials, the glass fiber needled felt is the lightest and most flexible. If it is installed on a machine, it can reduce its weight and vibration load.

9. Simple construction: the size can be cut according to customers.


What are the main uses of fiberglass needle felt?

1. It is used for high temperature equipment of various heat sources (coal, electricity, oil, gas) and the insulation of central air-conditioning pipes;

2. It is used for various thermal insulation and fireproof materials;

3. Sealing, sound-absorbing, filtering and insulating materials for special places;

4. It is used for heat preservation of various heat transfer and heat storage devices;

5. It is used for sound insulation, heat insulation and heat resistance of vehicles, ships, airplanes and other parts;

6. Sound insulation of the inner core of the muffler of automobiles and motorcycles and silencer of the engine;

7. Interlayer insulation of colored steel plates and wooden structure houses;

8. Thermal and chemical pipeline insulation, the thermal insulation effect is better than that of general thermal insulation materials;


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