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Can fiberglass be used for window screens? Is it durable?

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Can fiberglass be used for window screens? Is it durable?

April 22,2022

Glass fiber can be used to make screen windows. Using glass fiber to make screen windows is also called invisible screen windows. It is made of glass fiber monofilament plastic coating process, plain weaving, heating and shaping. 

Fiberglass screens have high durability, good weather resistance and long service life, so they are widely used. When selecting fiberglass screen windows, you can judge the quality of them by looking at the mesh, pulling the gauze, looking at the gloss, and feeling the hand. Let's take a look at the relevant knowledge of fiberglass window screen.

fiberglss screen window mesh

Glass fiber cloth is mainly used in the fields of wall reinforcement, reinforced cement products, waterproof membrane cloth, and skeleton material of rubber products. However, it should be noted that glass fiber cloth is harmful to the human body.

 Professional protective masks must be worn during production operations to prevent glass fibers from entering the respiratory tract, and be careful not to get on the body. Let's take a look at the types and uses of fiberglass cloth.


一. Can fiberglass be used as window screen?

As an inorganic material, glass fiber has a wide range of uses. It is also used in many places in life, such as making screen windows. Glass fiber screen windows are made of glass fiber and PVC as raw materials, and are coated with glass fiber monofilament. Weaving, heating and shaping.

Fiberglass screens are generally flat-woven, and there are also twisted fiberglass window screen, which are woven into a net by twisting multiple glass fiber filaments, and then thermally coated with vinyl polymers. They are mostly used in factories, orchards, and residences. pest control and ventilation.


二. Are fiberglass screens durable?

As a screen window, its durability is more important to everyone. A good screen window cannot be easily broken or damaged, so is the durability of the fiberglass screen window high?

Glass fiber is a material with a long service life. The screens made of it have good weather resistance, anti-aging, anti-cold, anti-heat, anti-drying, anti-moisture, flame retardant, anti-moisture, anti-static, transparent. Good light, no wire channeling, no deformation, anti-ultraviolet, high tensile strength, long service life and so on.

In addition, due to the glass fiber material used in glass fiber screen windows, it has good fire resistance and flame retardant performance, has anti-static function, good light transmission performance, has invisible effect, and can automatically filter light and prevent ultraviolet radiation, so it is widely used.

screen window mesh

三. How to distinguish the quality of fiberglass window screens

1. First of all, first check whether the mesh of the glass fiber gauze window is uniform, and the surface of the mesh should not be oblique. If the oblique weft is serious, it will affect the use.

2. Second, fold the glass fiber gauze <span> window in half by hand, then use your fingers to fold the folded line, open the gauze, and pull it hard. If it is torn, the quality is not good, and it is a defective product.

3. Third, look at the gloss. Good glass fiber screens look glossy, moist and full, and poor ones look dry.

4. Finally, touch it with your hand, it is better if it is soft, but not too hard.


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