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What is carbon fiber(一)

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What is carbon fiber(一)

Oct 13,2022

For this question, our answer varies from person to person. If you are an ordinary consumer, our answer is: it is a new material with a light quality and solid, a ordinary steel structure bicycle sells for about 500 to 1,000 yuan, and a carbon fiber alloy with a carbon fiber alloy Bicycles can sell for 100,000 yuan. If you don't like the technology mad at the bottom, please skip the following and enter the third part directly.

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Carbon Fibre is an inorganic polymer fiber with a carbon content higher than 90 % (if the carbon content is higher than 99 %, we generally call it graphite fiber). Its axial intensity and modular capacity are high. As soon as the peristalsis and fatigue resistance is good, the heat and conductivity are between non -metal and metal. it is good. Its physical properties are excellent: its proportion is 1/4 of the steel, and the tensile strength of carbon fiber resin composite materials is generally above 3500MPa. It is the 7-9x tensile elastic modulus of steel is 23000 to 43000MPa. Therefore, the ratio of CFRP (that is, the ratio of material strength to its density) can reach more than 2000MPa, while A3 steel is only about 59mda.


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In fact, a carbon fiber applied on a sports car and the laptop computer is the same in terms of chemical ingredients. The difference is that on the production process of carbon fiber, the process requirements of the best physical characteristics of the carbon fibers mentioned earlier are very accurate. It is difficult to produce in large quantities, and the raw materials are not cheap. It can be said that the shell of carbon fiber sports cars makes sense. The difference between it and the carbon fiber used on the laptop computer is that the process of making a carbon fiber finished product from the original wire: the carbon fiber raw wire is finally heated in the different ambient temperature of 1000 to 2500 ° C, which can obtain different physical characteristics.


In it The combination of different media such as different ingredients, proportion of resin, and alloys of the post -weaving form will all have the physical characteristics of the finished carbon fiber finished product. The protection requirements of laptop computers are far less strict than sports cars, so the price of carbon fiber shells on it is far lower than sports cars. We will analyze the carbon fiber material on the laptop computer below.

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