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What are the classifications of glass fiber products

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What are the classifications of glass fiber products

May 07,2022

Abstract: Glass fiber products are products made of glass fiber as raw materials and can be roughly divided into two categories: non-woven products and textile products according to the needs of different uses. Glass fiber textile products can be divided into yarn and fabric according to product form. two categories. There are many commonly used glass fiber products, mainly including roving, plaid, glass fiber mat, chopped strand, ground glass fiber, glass fiber fabric, combined glass fiber reinforcement, glass fiber wet mat and so on.

fiberglass chopped strandsfor Cement

1. fiberglass chopped strands

fiberglass chopped strands have good bundling, good fluidity and high whiteness. Reinforced thermosetting plastic chopped strands require good bundling, easy for resin to penetrate quickly, and have good mechanical strength and electrical properties. There are two types of dry chopped strands and wet chopped strands.


2. Grind glass fiber

Also known as glass fiber powder, chopped fibers are ground by hammer mill or ball mill. The phenomenon of surface cracking, reducing the molding shrinkage rate, can also be used as a reinforcing material.


3. Combined glass fiber reinforced material

It is a reinforcing material that combines glass fiber products such as chopped strand mat, continuous strand mat, roving fabric and roving in a certain order.

fiberglass woven roving

4. Glass fiber wet-laid felt

Including roofing felt, pipe felt, surface felt, veneer felt, floor felt, carpet felt, copper clad laminate felt, battery separator felt, etc.


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