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The role of glass fiber cloth in fire protection

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July 1,2022

Fire is not very unfamiliar to us, and we often encounter such things. In order to have better protection, we will take some protective measures during the production process when we are building or under construction. Today, I will talk to you about the role of glass fiber cloth in fire prevention.

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Glass fiber cloth is made of glass fiber woven fabric as the base material, which has alkali resistance, softness and good tensile strength. Because of this, it is widely used in our lives. It can keep warm and waterproof in the walls inside and outside the building. High temperature resistance, used in the production of various electrical insulating laminates, bringing more convenience to people's lives. It is ubiquitous in people's life and has a status that cannot be ignored.


It has good insulation, which greatly prevents the occurrence of fire and provides convenience for people's lives. It is mainly used for weaving electronic cloth, electrical insulating cloth and fishing rod cloth, etc. The requirements for fiber cloth surface are relatively high. The fiber cloth surface used for weaving electronic cloth must be kept flat and the quality must pass the test. Its high ignition point is used in these places. When there is a high temperature or a spark, it will not burn immediately.

Fiberglass cloth not only has obvious advantages in exams, but also has certain advantages in what we are talking about. It provides some convenience for many enterprises, but the cost itself is not enough, so it will be more easily accepted by enterprises during production.


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