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Knowledge introduction for glass fiber chopped strand mat

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Knowledge introduction for glass fiber chopped strand mat

Sep 13,2022

Chopped strand mat or short strand mat for short is made by cutting glass fiber strands into 50mm length, evenly landing on the flat net, and bonding them with polyester powder (or emulsion) binder at a certain temperature. A kind of glass fiber non-woven reinforcement.

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The resin has fast penetration and good defoaming, ensuring production efficiency and reducing costs.

The thickness is uniform to ensure the homogeneity of each part of the user's product

Excellent dry retention for increased productivity and reduced material loss during unwinding, cutting and handling

The coil diameter is small, the coiling is dense, and the cargo handling is safe and efficient.



As a main glass fiber non-woven reinforcing material, chopped strand mat is a very large amount of reinforcing material in the FRP hand lay-up process, and is also used in some mechanical forming processes, such as RTM, winding, molding, etc. Typical products are: various sheets, boats, bathroom equipment, auto parts and cooling towers.



The chopped strand felt produced by Yuniu fiberglass is rolled with a paper tube with a diameter of 76mm. The felt roll is wrapped in polyethylene plastic bags and packed into corrugated boxes. If pallet packaging is required, 16 or 12 boxes are placed vertically and 9 or 6 boxes are placed horizontally per pallet. The stacking height of pallets shall not exceed 2 layers, and the stacking height of cartons shall not exceed 5 layers.


The product should be placed in a dry and cool place, the storage temperature is 5-35°C, and the humidity is 35-65°C. If not in use, please do not open the package to avoid moisture and affect use.


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