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Introduction of medium alkali glass fiber mesh

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Introduction of medium alkali glass fiber mesh

June 27,2022

Medium-alkali glass fiber mesh cloth (referred to as medium-alkali fiberglass mesh) is mainly made of medium-alkali glass fiber low-twist spun yarn, woven in plain weave, twill weave and satin weave. , flame retardant, waterproof, aging resistance, weather resistance, etc.

fiberglass mesh

fiberglass mesh widely used as pipeline insulation, fire retardant, waterproof, anti-corrosion materials, rubber, plastic, linoleum and other coated replicas and glass fiber reinforced plastic, fireproof board base cloth, and central air-conditioning ventilation pipes. It can also be applied to the enhancement of wall materials such as cement, plastic, asphalt, marble, mosaic, etc. It is an ideal engineering material for the construction industry.


Skills required:

1. The medium alkali cloth is made of soda lime silicate glass, and its alkali metal oxide content is 12+0.5%.

2. When drawing glass fiber raw yarn, use textile type (white wax emulsion) moisturizing agent, and its content is not more than 2.2%. Such as replacing other types of moisturizing agents or changing the content, the decision shall be negotiated by both the supplier and the buyer.


Medium alkali glass fiber pipe wrapping cloth

fiberglass mesh is suitable for the anti-corrosion, corrosion resistance and heat preservation of various types and specifications of pipelines and storage tanks with strong corrosive media in power stations, oil fields, chemicals, papermaking, environmental protection, etc., as well as the construction of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes.


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