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Common specifications and construction methods of fiberglass mesh

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Common specifications and construction methods of fiberglass mesh

May 11,2022

GRC product reinforced mesh is made of glass fiber woven fabric as the base material and treated with polymer alkali-resistant emulsion. The product has high strength, good alkali resistance, and can resist the rot of alkaline substances for a long time. It is a cement concrete product , GRC wall panels, ideal reinforcement materials for GRC components.

fiberglass mesh

General Specifications:

1 Mesh size: 8mm × 8mm 10mm × 10mm 12mm × 12mm

2 width: 60 cm 90 cm 1 meter

3 Grams per square: 125 grams

Mesh cloth (3 sheets)4 Length per roll: 100 meters or 50 meters

5 Colors; white (standard) yellow green or other colors.

6 Packing: can be packed according to customer requirements.

7 Special specifications and hardness can be ordered according to customer requirements.


Fiberglass Self-Adhesive Tape

Uses: Repair dryboard walls, gypsum board joints, cracks in various walls and other wall damage

Fiberglass Self-Adhesive Tape

Main properties: excellent alkali resistance, durable: high tensile strength and deformation resistance, crack resistance: no deterioration, no foaming: excellent self-adhesion,

No need to apply primer in advance, it is quick to use and easy to apply.

Specifications: 8 × 8.9 × 9 mesh / inch: 55-85 grams / square meter.

Width: 25-1 000 mm: Length: 10-153 meters.

Color: Usually white.


Construction method:

1. Keep walls clean and dry.

2. Tape the cracks and press down.

3. Make sure the gap is covered with tape, then use a knife to cut off the excess tape and finish with grout.

4. Let it air dry, then lightly sand.

5. Fill in enough paint to make the surface smooth.

6. Cut off any leaking tape. Then, taking care that all cracks are properly patched, trim around the patch with a fine composite to make it as smooth as new.


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